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-Collaborated with Buto.

Taro Okamoto Museum of Art,Kawasaki--------Nov.15 ,2003

On that day,Museum was full of audience.

One of Yoshinaga's work "white" was so tall that people need to look up.The other work "pink" whith wide shape turned to red by the light, that gave a strong impression on the audience.

<Work>; Untitle--- 380×280cm Pastel,Japanese Pigment,Wash; Work-Pinke---700× 260cm Pastel,Washi

Butoh<Dancer>; Koichi Tamano ,Hiroko Tamano ,Taketeru Kudou,so on.
Music; Shiro Osawa<Violin>,Yoshiko Mastuo<Violin>,Banboo-fluete
"Surreealism of Body Perspectives on Hijikata Tatsumi's Butoh"Taro Okamoto Museum of art , Kawasaki Kanagawa pref.Japan

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