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Yutaka Yoshinaga [ Painter ]

Born: 1948,Nagasaki Pref. Annual one-man shows since 1972 primary in Tokyo with a handfull in other countries including Mexico(1990), Italy(1993), and the USA(2000 and '02) so on.
His group exhibitions list is equally impressive and includes the Fifth Hara Annual,Tokyo(1985); "The technique of the fine arts"Nerima museum of art,Tokyo(1999 and 2001); Pusan metropolitan art museum,Korea(2001); Primeter Gallery NYC, NY(2001); "Made in Japan" Bristol City Museum, England(2001); Guma Museum Art, Tatebayashi, Gunma pref.(2002); "Why not live for art?" Art Gallery Tokyo Opera City, Tokyo(2004) so on.
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1996 Yoshinaga makes first etching at the Crown Point Press(Link), in San Francisco.he's very interest in etching
2002 He kept being interest in one and makes five works at Tokugenji Press (Link) , in Nara pref.

Workshop And Education

1990 Oct.3~Oct.17 Nerima Museum of Art, Tokyo
1997 Sep 17~Oct 5 Musashino Art University, Tokyo
1995 Dec.2 "The museum for children" , Itabashi Museum of Art, Tokyo
2000 Nov.3 "Let's drowing on the paper" , Fuji Cultural Hall, Shizuoka pref.


"Work series"The 1st prize at the 1983 Contemporary Paper Art Works in Fukui
"Work series"The Grand prix at the 1985 Contemporary Paper Art Works in Fukui

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